Psychosocial Support Programming – Awareness Activity:

This activity had conducted on 14th May 2019 in Debagah 1 IDPs Camp within Erbil governorate, where focused on defining psychosocial support programming, why it is important and what a holistic psychosocial support programme looks like, the ways that distress can manifest in children and identify the different layers of a complete psychosocial support programme and how psychosocial support can be integrated into the humanitarian response. 

19 Field staff from BCF, IOM, TDH and EJCC had benefit from this activity.

Oral & Dental Hygiene – Awareness Activity:

This activity had conducted on 11th June 2019 in Hasan Sham U3 IDPs Camp within Nineveh governorate, introduced what Oral hygiene is, why it is important and how to maintain a good Oral Hygiene, required tools & ways allowing people to have a good Oral Hygiene, avoid numerous things that could affect oral health, presented instructions for good Oral Hygiene during Pregnancy, Dental Caries (Briefly), Diet, and Psychological Intervention for cases that do not / cannot maintain proper Hygiene of Oral Cavity.

15 Field Staff from TDH Italy, IOM, BCF, Qandil and IDPs had benefit from this activity.

Animals Bites & Insects Stings – Awareness Activity:

This activity had been conducted on 27th June 2019, in Darashakran Syrian Refugees Camp in Erbil Governorate, introduced a general presentation on Animals and Insects Bites & Stings, possible preventions methods, signs and symptoms, First Aid procedures and basic management including Emergency severe allergic reaction.

29 Camp Residents had benefit from this activity

Diabetes – Awareness Activity:

Our team had successfully conducted an awareness activity on Diabetes disease on 24th July 2019 in Kawrgosk Camp, Erbil Governorate as part of NCDs Awareness Program, This activity aimed to ensure that people are able to make healthy choices and encourages all individuals to eat healthily, be physically active, and avoid excessive weight gain through providing basic knowledge for the prevention of diabetes, develops norms and behaviors for diabetes care and builds necessary awareness on its risk factors.

49 Camp Residents had benefit from this activity

Supporting SAMS Mission in Duhok, Iraq:

Out team supported Syrian American Medical Society – SAMS Mission in Duhok, Iraq from 14th till 18th September 2019 where a multi-specialty medical & training mission, bringing together a medical team of an interventional cardiologist, neonatologist, two pediatricians, a family medicine practitioner, two residents, and a cardiac Cath lab nurse.

The mission assisted with 6 complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) cases at the Azadi Heart Center, also conducted trainings for 30 interns and 2nd year residents on the subject of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) On Monday, SAMS cardiologist lectured on Stable Ischemic Heart Disease for 30 participants, and performed 5 procedures total for the day, including 1 complex PCI.

Neonatology specialist led trainings on Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) for the nursing staff at Heevi Hospital as well as clinical case discussions and rounds with junior and senior house officers. Yesterday, SAMS trained 25 junior and senior house officers on neonatal resuscitation and another lecture on helping babies breathe for local midwives.

On Sunday, the family medicine team held meetings with 11 medical students and post graduate doctors at Shahideen Health Center and later visited the Domiz 1 Refugee Camp, providing care to 13 patients.
The team spent 2 days in the Domiz 1 camp, providing care to over 98 beneficiaries.