Mental Health Psychosocial Support

Hasan Sham U2 Camp

This Project is implemented by Viyan Organization, with the support of World Health Organization (WHO), and in coordination with Department of Health (DoH) Erbil.
Funded by Office of U.S Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)

Location: Hasan Sham U2 Camp, Nineveh, Iraq 
Started on: 21.04.2020

Our services package includes:

– Basic Counselling

– Psychological First Aid

– Non-pharmacological Management

– Pharmacological Management

– Specialized Mental Health Services

– Family Support

These services are carrying out by:

1 Psychiatrist (2 days/week)
9am till 3pm
Sunday & Thursday

2 Psychologists (6 days/week) 9am till 3pm
Saturday till Thursday

2 CMHWs (6 days/week)
9am till 3pm
Saturday till Thursday

Delivered through the following modalities:

. Outreach Visits
. Group Sessions
. Individual Sessions
. Awareness Activities
. Remote PFA (07511812859 / 07518978468)